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Helping you to compare local schools. Giving you the whole picture.

This website allows you to compare schools in your local area. Use the search bar to find good schools near you. You will find information about schools’ facilities and extracurricular activities, as well as their academic results. Helping you make the right choice for your child.


  • "We believe it is time for the education profession to take more responsibility and display greater accountability to parents about how schools are performing. Providing more information rather than less and offering parents the opportunity to select the information they want will mean that no one measure will have disproportionate importance."

    Jon Coles, Chief Executive, United Learning

  • "The current performance tables tell part of a story about schools’ and students’ achievements, but they do not tell the whole story. We want to make sure that the performance tables reflect the hard work and effort that students and teachers have put in."

    Brian Lightman, General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders

  • "Schools must be accountable, but the government's performance tables have become a sledgehammer to crack the system - too often serving political aims rather than pupils' needs and driving the wrong decisions. This initiative will, over time, give parents stable, accurate and neutral information about schools."

    Russell Hobby, General Secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers

  • "This new way of presenting information will provide a real opportunity for school leaders to help parents understand the complexities of school outcomes by publishing the results that students actually achieve without the artificial filters that are based on the politics of the day or hour."

    Sir John Rowling, Chair of PiXL